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#NoMeanGirls was created by Plaid for Women, Inc. as a campaign to create space for women to support each other without judgment.  So many women loved the idea they wanted to bring the idea to girls.  We created the program to be for girls ages 10 - 14 to build confidence, develop empathy and prevent bullying all in the #NoMeanGirls spirit.  

The #NoMeanGirls @ Schools program is an 8 week course delivered online or through a facilitator.  The program first focuses on how girls might be mean to themselves and then moves to focus on how we can be kind to others.   It is designed to build self-confidence and reduce girl to girl bullying.

Each week the participants will view a video introducing the topic and work with a facilitator to discuss and complete a participant worksheet.  The curriculum can be completed in 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the group size.

  • Week 1 What is a Mean Girl?

  • Week 2 Mean Girl in the Mirror

  • Week 3 Encouraging

  • Week 4 Reach Out

  • Week 5 Include

  • Week 6 Appreciate

  • Week 7 Being Mean with Social Media

  • Week 8 Celebrating Others

This program is for school aged girls ages 10 -14.  We see negative friendship behavior beginning at age 10 with exclusion, whispering and secrets.

#NoMeanGirls @ Schools can be beneficial if your child is being bullied or not.  It focuses on being a kind to others and provides awareness to reduce bullying incidents (being bullied or being the bully yourself).

#NoMeanGirls@School can be purchased as a single license.  Your child may access the program online and participate in a weekly online forum lead by the creator of the #NoMeanGirls@school program. 

#NoMeanGirls@School can also be delivered in person through a facilitated group.  Parents, teachers and counselors are all qualified to lead the program with the support of our facilitation guide.  When organizing a small group (less than 25 participants) we recommend using the online resources to sign up each participant.  Most groups meet afterschool for 8 weeks to work through the program materials.

If you want to purchase a license for your entire school please contact the creator, Sarah at swebb@plaidforwomen.com

Each license is good for 9 months from the date or purchase.  This allows time to organize the group and lets individuals access the materials after the 8 week course on their own.

No, this is a good person program. We focus on helping girls build confidence, develop empathy for peers, and prevent bullying.


What about Privacy?

Although the program is linked with Plaid for Women, no content or commentary from the participants of the #NoMeanGirls@School program is used by Plaid for Women.


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