#NoMeanGirls@School focuses on a girls own self-esteem and the power of simple kindness. It is designed to build self-confidence and reduce girl-to-girl bullying. Each week, participants will view a video introducing the topic and work with a facilitator to discuss and complete programming.

About Us

#NoMeanGirls@school is an organization dedicated to helping girls develop self-confidence, build empathy, and prevent environments with bullying.

Plaid for Women started the original campaign for adult women to create a judgment-free space and support each other. So many women wanted this program expanded to their daughters and youth, the team worked to create a program specifically for youths.


Sarah Webb the President of Plaid for Women is the creator of the #NoMeanGirls@School program. She is a wife, mother, daughter, volunteer, and passionate about empowering other women and girls. Sarah was impacted by bullying behavior in middle school and found her shiny confidence to overcome peer pressure. Through her personal experience, having interviewed over 200 adult women on the subject of bullying and extensive research, the #NoMeanGirls@School course was developed.

This 8-week program is designed to be led by a trusted adult facilitator in groups of 10 - 15 girls. #NoMeanGirls@School can be conducted as a school-wide program with multiple groups or in groups initiated by parents.